The concept of Portfolios has evolved and has been taken to next level with the evolution of WordPress, custom post types, and the competitiveness of the theme market. But I say let’s strip it back down a bit. What’s the point of some custom post type that is going to disappear the second you switch themes?

With the Theme Blvd WordPress Framework, we’re changing it up and coming up with new concepts. With our system, a post is just a post.

Want to display a post as as some sort of a „portfolio item“? Well, just setup the settings for that post in a way that accomplishes what you’re going for. Want to display an entire portfolio of these posts? Well, put them in a category and add a post grid via shortcode in a page, an element in a custom built-layout, or even the classic portfolio page template.

A post is a post.

Somewhere along the line we’ve lost sight of how simple it can be to just create a portfolio – a way to display our work, whatever it might be. So, just create your post, and setup so it’s ready to throw into a Portfolio.

Layout Builder

So, you’ve created your posts, you’ve grouped them in a category, and it was a breeze because, let’s face it, you’re not a WordPress rookie – you already knew how to do this. But now… the fun begins. With the Theme Blvd WordPress framework the layout builder is the most innovative way to take care of showing off your awesome work.

Page Template or Shortcode

I’m not going to stomp on your WordPress roots. Feel free to kick it old-school and setup the Portfolio page template the way you want or use the [post_grid] shortcode.